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We have a team of experienced and well trained engineers and masons for all kind of Refractories and Anti-corrosive applications. We undertake total Turnkey projects for Refractories Application and also emergency repairs, shut-down maintenance etc.
- Refractory Lining

- Insulation Linings

- Refractory Coating on Existing / New Lining

- Anti-corrosive lining

- Acid Alkali proof lining
Ceramic fibre blanket is a lightweight insulating product. It has low heat storage, low thermal conductivity and is an extremely effective insulator. It is resistant to thermal shock due to its nature which makes it suitable for many applications where other more traditional refractories are not suitable due to the application. Ceramic fibre is made from high purity Alumina - Silica materials. Ceramic fibre is produced by melting these products in an electric arc furnace, a stream is poured and air blown to produce the raw material from which the ceramic fibre products are produced.
The ceramic fibre that we carry covers all thicknesses and densities. With a temperature range of 1260C for standard and 1400 C for Hot Face and 1430 C for Zirconia blanket most applications can be easily accommodated. For applications of higher requirements other specialty products are available upon request. The 1260 blanket is a strong durable product, which is double needled giving it a good handling characteristic. The 1400 C blanket is made from higher purity materials with higher alumina content than regular blanket. The zircon blanket to 1430 C has a percentage of zircon as part of the blanket and is made from high purity raw materials. This blanket has properties, which help reduce shrinkage and make it suitable for continuous use at elevated temperatures.
As part of our range of materials we are able to offer a range of castables to complement most applications. The dense castable range of materials we supply are made from selected raw material, aggregates and cements. The careful selection of raw material provide goods in this range with a range of properties and characteristics.

A range of material to cover the range of temperatures from 1400 C to 1800 C. These products are the most suitable for a wide range of applications ranging from boiler work, general furnace applications, burner blocks to specialty muffle furnaces. As part of this range we carry 1450, 1600 and 1650 grades for the majority of general castables work.
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