Hydraulically bonded category of dense to medium purity castables which can sustain high temperatures up to 1600°C. These are scientifically designed ready mixed set of castables made from medium to high purity calcium aluminate binders and selected refractory grog or suitable raw materials.

Castable Product Specification:

Brand Name Al2O3
(%) Min
(%) Max
(gm/cc) 110°C/24hr.
Cold Crushing Strength(kg/cm2)

Dried at
(%) Max
(°C) Min
Grain Size
DC-FH-C40 40 2.5 1.9 250 350 - ±1.5 (1400°C/3hrs) 1580 0-5
DC-FH-C45 45 4 2.1 250 350 - ±1.0 (1400°C/3hrs) 1580 0-5
DC-FH-C70 70 5 2.5 350 450 - ±1.0 (1400°C/3hrs) 1680 0-5
DC-C-50 50 1.5 2.1 350 250 400 ±1.0 (1500°C/3hrs) 1660 0-5
DC-C-50A 50 1 2.1 500 350 500 ±1.0 (1500°C/3hrs) 1700 0-5
DC--FA-C-60 60 1 2.2 350 250 450 ±1.0 (1500°C/3hrs) 1700 0-5
DC--FA-C-60B 60 1 2.2 500 350 500 ±1.0 (1500°C/3hrs) 1760 0-5
DC--FA-C-70 70 1.5 2.5 500 300 550 ±1.5(1500°C/3hrs) 1760 0-5
DC--FA-C-80 80 1.5 2.6 550 300 550 ±1.5(1500°C/3hrs) 1780 0-5
DC--FA-C-88 88 1.5 2.75 550 300 550 ±1.5(1500°C/3hrs) 1780 0-5

Refractory castables uses and qualities

There are quite a few names that are engaged in the supply of refractory castables. They supply and manufacture high-quality refractory suppliers. We are leading refractory castable supplier in Kolkata and provide good quality service in this product.

Refractory castables as a product

A well-constituted combination of refractory aggregates, bonding agents, admixtures and modifiers or matrix component forms the refractory castable. The aggregate size of refractory varies from 10 to 300mm. For getting the desired packing and particle distribution these aggregates are sized in different proportion. Castable has a base form, formulated on the chemistry that separates alumina and aluminium silicate aggregates such as dolomite and magnesite. To understand the physical properties and mineralogy it has a formulated combination of aggregates. The mixture is bonded by a bonding agent like calcium aluminium.
Our product has been developed for more than 20 yrs without cement bonds such as hydrate aluminium, silica and alumina gels to make it specialized product. Our product is mainly based on organic bonds of alkali silicates, resins, organic or mineral acids, phosphates of sodium. Energy shortage is a real problem in the growing world where energy saving is the utmost need. The lightweight and regular optimization of this product makes it one of the energy-saving material.

Feature of our product

These acknowledged name in Kolkata offer product of great feature. Some of them are listed below:
· The product has numerous varieties
· It resists high temperature
· High resistance to slag and steel, molten iron.
· Plasticity, integrality and liquidity
Our product has high-quality material and premium filler that improve the basic composition o0f the product. The adopt fibre helps in strengthening the castables. The refractory is mixed and matched with one or multiple liquids uniformly before use. The use of different formulated chemical bonds makes the product stronger in plasticity and liquidity. The heat resistance quality of this product comes in different grades such as C1400, C1600, LC1600. The lightweight of the material and low volume density increases the insulation of the product. These features make increases the performance level of the product.

Uses of our product

We as a refractory castables supplier in Kolkata supplies the product which has versatility in usage. It is used in creating monolithic linings for different types of kilns and furnaces. The use of calcium aluminate cement in refractory castable helps in a wide range of application. The material has made space in sectors like iron and steel, glass, cement and petrochemical industry. Our products are delivered to the reputed industry of this product. The premium quality refractory castables are had good strength and integrity which can be increased for 30%-50% several times. Refractory products are highly flexible which can be moulded into metals and casting glass for rocket launching structures or female deflector system.

Choose the best service

We are one of the best refractory castablesuppliers in Kolkata. We provide a wide variety of refractory castables which has different types of raw material. The raw materials we provide are bauxite, alumina, chamotte, and many others. We provide you with material that is formed conventionally with low iron and cement content. We even provide help in the installation of the product that includes various process like vibration casting, gunning, patching and ramming. We have an expert team for the supply of the product. Our commitment to providing you quality service tops the priority. If you need all of these features and qualities in your product then check our website right away. We have options in various categories from where you can choose and place an order for your product.

Available Varieties:

Dense Castables

Insulating Castables

Low Cement Castables